Neck pain treatment in Mumbai

Acute neck pain is one of the most common health conditions experienced by most people. One of the most common reasons leading to neck pain is poor posture resulting into muscle strain. Most of the neck pain lasts for a day or two and gets better on its own with rest. But some neck pain last longer and are accompanied by pain in arms, shoulders and other parts of body. Neck pain treatment helps alleviate an overwhelming and agitating neck condition that can be painful and become physical disability if not treated. At Spine and Sports Clinic, our neck pain specialist in Mumbai, Dr. Bhavin Shial and his team of physiotherapists and rehab consultants prescribe various options for neck pain treatment without surgery. We provide state-of-the-art facilities and advanced techniques in non-surgical treatment options to ensure safe and quick recovery for ailments related to the spine.


What are the causes of neck pain?

At Spine and Sports Clinic, we analyze and identify the root cause of neck pain and then suggest an appropriate treatment procedure. Neck pain can be caused due to a multiple of reasons. Sleeping in an awkwardly uncomfortable position, extreme stress levels, prolonged straining, can be the common causes of neck pain. A few of the most frequent causes of neck pain are as follows:

  • Cervical spine wear and tear: With age, spinal discs which are the shock absorbers of your spine starts to degenerate reducing its capacity to handle friction and causes pain. Also, spinal bones weaken with wear and tear causing bone spurs which leads the bone to break or irritate the spinal nerves. Due to this, moving your neck becomes difficult and painful, resulting in neck pain. 
  • Incorrect Posture: Slouching while seating, using mobile phones for hours straining the neck, working for a long hour on laptops in inappropriate work posture and poor ergonomics can result in extreme body stiffness and neck pain. Some physical activities, like playing extreme sports, heavy weight lifting, some rides in amusement parks and playing video games for long hours can also lead to potential neck pain conditions. Even sleeping in a wrong posture can cause neck pain.
  • Spinal Stenosis:  It is a condition where the spinal canal shrinks. Narrowed vertebral canal and bulging of the spinal disc tissues can put extensive pressure on the nerve roots of your body, thereby causing neck pain. 
  • Spinal Injuries: Occurrence of a neck injury due to road accidents or a fall, sudden backward and forward movements of the head can cause spinal fracture and may result in neck pain. 
  • Spinal diseases: Bone diseases like Osteoporosis, Spinal Tumor, Spinal infection and more.

A few of the infrequent causes of neck pain are inflammations and psychological factors like stress and anxiety. Consulting a reputed doctor at Spine and Sports Clinic for neck pain treatment in Mumbai can help you avoid deteriorating the health conditions. 

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Neck pain?

Our team of doctors are well experienced and they analyze each symptom carefully. By examining the patient; the doctor concludes if the patient is experiencing mild muscle ache and needs just rest or is the neck pain severe and need further non-surgical or surgical treatment.

Neck pain can vary in signs and symptoms. It could be dull or irritating pain focused in one part or could be pinching and sharp radiating from neck to shoulder to arms to fingers. Most neck pains are of two types:

  • Axial pain- Axial pain is concentrated in one part of the neck and does not radiates. It is also called mechanical pain.
  • Radicular pain- Radicular pain radiates through the nerves to shoulder to arms to fingers and is often caused by inflamed nerve roots. 

Although neck pain may not need urgent attention, seeking medical help is a must especially if you are experiencing the below-mentioned symptoms:

  • Neck Stiffness or difficultly to turn head 
  • Pain radiating pain in arms, hands or legs
  • Neck pain caused after an accident 
  • Constant pain in neck even while sleeping 
  • Numbness or Disability to move arms or hands
  • Difficulty in bladder or bowel control

How to diagnose neck pain?

At Spine and Sports Clinic, our spine specialist Dr Bhavin Shial checks your pain history and does physical examination by checking the pain area and your basic movements. He advises you on non-surgical treatment and prescribes tests only if needed to help understand further on the cause of the neck pain. Some of the diagnostic procedures that our neck pain treatment doctor advice to undergo:

  • X-ray: To get a clear picture of the bone structure of the spine condition and to identify if there is any bone related problem like fracture or deformity.
  • MRI or CT Scan: Deeper diagnose if needed is done with CT scan or MRI scan to get a detailed image of disc, bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves to see if there is a problem with any of them.
  • Blood tests: This helps in determining if the patient is suffering from infection which may be the cause of pain or having any kind of vitamin deficiency.
  • Nerve studies: Tests like EMG (Electromyography) are used to determine nerve compression, which may be causing pain.

What are the Preventions tips for Neck pain?

Most often, neck pain conditions are directly linked to bad posture and age-related wear and tear of cervical spine. Maintaining a proper alignment between head and spine can be helpful in preventing neck pain. Minor lifestyle changes can help substantially mitigate and eliminate neck pain. 

  • Maintain a good posture: Aligning your shoulders with your hips and ears is the best method of practicing a good posture. Keep this in mind while you are sitting or standing.
  • Keep screens at eye level: While working on laptop/desktop your elbows need to be at a right-angle position, screen needs to be at eye level and neck straight while looking at the screen. Avoid pecking the neck forward while looking at the screen. Also, while watching mobile screens see to it that you do not bend your beck and cause strain. Get the mobile screen to eye level. Slouching can lead to a bad posture and result in various neck ailments. 
  • Do not cradle your phone: While multitasking between work and talking on phone, typically you would tilt the head and try to hold the phone with the grip created by the shoulder and head coming together. This posture of holding the phone is called cradling the phone. Doing this even for 2 mins per call a day can cause immense pressure on your cervical vertebrae and lead to neck pains. Avoid this and use a handsfree, headset or earphones instead.
  • Don’t sit in front of your monitor for too long- Make sure to take breaks in every 30 mins when working on desktop or laptop. Stretching your shoulders and neck and doing shoulder shrugs while taking breaks can be beneficial. 
  • Avoid carrying weight on your shoulders: Avoid dragging around heavy bags with straps on your shoulders. Instead use a bag with wheels. If at all you need to carry a backpack, then ensure that you wear the straps on both the shoulders and use broad padded straps.
  • Good sleeping position- Aligning your neck and head with your body is highly essential for avoiding neck pain. Use a pillow which is neither to soft nor too firm. While sleeping on your back place a pillow beneath your thighs as it will help flatten the spinal muscles. 
  • Quit smoking: Smoking is injurious to health and smokers have a significantly higher chance of developing neck pain. 

How to differentiate a casual neck pain from other symptoms of spine-related pain?

Neck pain is a sign that your body gives to you when it wants to draw your attention and convey that your you posture is incorrect, and you are straining your neck. Usually a mild casual neck pain will last for few hours and subside once you rest for a while. Also, it does not resurface every now and then.  If your neck pain is persistent and radiating to your arms and hands or is lasting for more than 2 days, then it is advisable to meet a spine specialist to rule out the possibility of other spine related problem rather than resorting to home remedies like applying ointments. Not more than 10% of the cases citing neck pain needs spine surgery. Neck pain when addressed in time can avoid a further need of spine surgery. Pain due to spinal complications may require surgical treatment if delayed or ignored. But neck muscle pain can be treated by neck pain treatment without surgery. Consult Dr Bhavin Shial our neck pain specialist in Mumbai to get an effective solution for your pain.

If you are suffering from neck pain and are looking for a satisfactory cure for neck pain treatment in Mumbai, your search ends here. We at Spine and Sports clinic are committed to provide personal attention and professional care resulting into an effective and quick cure for our patients. 

Dr. Bhavin Shial, one of the best spine surgeon and neck pain specialist in Mumbai, holds more than 11 years of experience in the field of spine-related pain treatment. Dr. Bhavin, along with his team of physiotherapists, and rehab consultants analyzes the patient’s condition and strives to provide the best neck pain treatment without surgery in Mumbai. Our spine care team excels in providing Non- surgical treatments like medicine, physiotherapy, posture correction & spinal injections as treatment options. At Spine and Sports Clinic, we believe that surgery as an option should be the last resort for treating back pain caused by spinal disorders.

Step into our clinic to experience world-class facilities and get a definite cure for your neck pain problem!

FAQs for Neck pain treatment

Can neck pain lead to a serious health condition?

Neck pain is a very common health condition lasting for a day or two and usually gets cured by rest and pain killers if needed. However, if the pain continues even after 2 days or if the pain is radiating to your arms and hands or is causing numbness then you need medical help. Visit our reputed neck pain treatment doctor at Spine and Sports Clinic, who will analyze your overall condition to provide possible treatment plans. 

Can neck pain cause cancer?

Most often, neck pain is associated with wrong posture related pain or is due to cervical spine issues. However, a continued neck pain, mouth bleeding, difficulty in swallowing and chewing, etc. can be potential causes of neck or head cancer. 

Is stress a leading factor of neck pain?

Psychological factors like stress cause tightening of muscle which leads to developing neck pain. Fatigue, depression, zero physical activity, and much more can add to the stress, thereby giving you neck pain. Our spine specialist, Dr Bhavin Shial and his team of internationally certified physiotherapists provides light and moderate exercise plans as preventive measures to relieve stress which causes neck pain. 

What is the best method of relieving neck pain?

Regular exercise and a good posture ensure to keep neck pain at bay. If you are facing neck pain then you can initially try rest, hot and cold packs and refrain from doing physical activities until you recover from neck pain. If the pain continues, then visit us at Spine and Sports Clinic where our spine expert and his team of doctors will provide you with effective neck pain treatment without surgery, and a physiotherapy plan to prevent further complications. 

What are the primary reasons that cause neck tension?

Muscle tension and other muscle strains are the most primary and common causes of neck pain. These neck tension may develop due to inflexibility, minimal physical activity, injuries, and bad posture. At Spine and Sports Clinic, we regularly update our patients with preventive measures, tips and newer non-surgical treatment options to maintain healthy spine and alleviate neck tension. Follow us on our Facebook or Instagram to stay updated.