Spine Surgery Treatment in Mumbai

Spine and Sports Clinic is a state-of-the-art spine consultation and a physiotherapy Centre in Mumbai, India. The clinic is run by renowned spine specialist Dr Bhavin Shial along with his team of highly experienced and internationally certified physiotherapists and rehab consultants. Spine and Sports Clinic is one of its kind where an expert spine surgeon and a team of physiotherapists collaborates together to provide the best treatment for patients.

Many patients affected with spinal conditions respond well to spinal surgical treatment. In the past, patients who were eligible for surgery have shown symptoms of relief, restored function, and no neurological damage. At Spine and Sports Clinic, the primary motto of our spine surgeon in Mumbai is to have absolute transparency in explaining the patients about the procedure adopted for surgery and its best possible outcomes, with clarity.

However, surgery might not be the essential approach of treatment for every patient. Being a reputed and ethical spine specialist in Mumbai, Spine and Sports Clinic and the spine experts with us, do not compromise on the trust that the patients invests in us. With our best spine surgeons in Mumbai, you get an in-depth understanding about your condition and suggestions on the best treatment option for you. With a commitment in providing the best-in-class treatment at our spine clinic, each patient is treated with professional care and personal attention.

At Spine and Sports Clinic we are committed to provide personal attention and professional care. Our motto is to provide honest advice to patients which is in their best interest. We do not believe in suggesting unnecessary surgical procedures. We start our treatment by explaining you the cause of the condition and our first route of treatment is Rest, Posture correction, Physiotherapy and Pain medicines. Our skilled team of physiotherapists use advanced techniques and latest equipments to give quick and best results.


Dr. Bhavin Shial, Best Spine Surgeon in Mumbai

  • Dr Bhavin Shial is a renowned spine surgeon holding more than 11 years of experience in the field of spine surgery. In his experience he has performed more than 3000 surgeries across various hospitals treating mild to severe spine disorders.
  • Dr Bhavin Shial’s mission is to spread awareness amongst the general population about Spine related problems and provide ethical and true advice to his patients. He believes in advising treatments to his patients which will be best for their condition and does not pushes his patients for unnecessary surgical procedures. His patients admire his sincere advice, his deep understanding of various spine disorders, promptness in responding, patience in listening and explaining the whole spine condition and treatment procedure in an easy to understand manner.
  • He holds a degree in Master of Surgery in Orthopaedic and has done his Spine Fellowship under leading Spine Surgeon Dr Abhay Nene at P.D. Hinduja Hospital. He has also earned esteemed international fellowship in Microsurgery and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery at Otto Von Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany under Dr Jorge Franke who is a globally renowned spine expert in this field. Dr Bhavin Shial believes not only in acquiring knowledge but also to pass it on and had been a lecturer for Orthopaedic at N.D.M.V.P Medical College, Nashik. He has also contributed in various Research work in the field of Spine and extended his expertise by presenting at multiple conferences and workshops.
  • He is associated with various renowned hospitals across Mumbai City and has affiliations with multiple hospitals located in Bandra, Khar Road, Vile Parle, Juhu and Andheri. At Spine and Sports Clinic, Dr Bhavin Shial provides consultation across all Spine conditions.
Best Spine Surgeon in Mumbai


Consultant Spine Surgeon

  • Spine Fellowships (Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai)
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (Germany)
  • Life Member Association of Spine Surgeons of India.

Consultant Physiotherapist

  • KCMT (UK), MIAP, MISCP (Ireland)
  • Certified Kinetic Control Movement Therapist (UK)

Rehab Consultant

  • Certified Motor Relearning Practitioner ( Australia)
  • Advanced Bobath Certification (Brazil)
  • Certified Mckenzie and Mulligan Practitioner


Non Surgical Treatment

Spine Related

      • Cervical & Lumber Spondylosis
      • Leg Pain due to Sciatica, Slipped Disc
      • Mechanical & Postural Neck & Back Pain
      • Scoliosis and Kyphosis rehabilitation
      • Post-Operative Spine Rehab
      • Back and Core muscle strengthening
      • Gait Training

Sports Related

      • Shoulder Injury
      • Knee – ACL Injury Rehabilitation
      • Ankle Sprains
      • Repetitive Strain Injuries
      • Hamstring Injury
      • Patellar Tendinopathy
      • Groin Pain
      • Post-Surgical Rehab

Musclosketal & Neuro Treatments

      • Frozen Shoulder
      • Osteo-Arthritis/Knee Pain
      • Tennis Elbow
      • Bell’s Palsy
      • Stroke Rehabilitation
      • Ergonomic Assessments & Solutions
      • Postural Correction
      • Post Operative for all Ortho and Neuro Surgical Cases



724, 11th Road, Khar (W) Mumbai – 400052

HOLY SPIRIT HOSPITAL, ANDHERI Mahakali caves Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400093

CRITICARE HOSPITAL, ANDHERI Teli galli, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 69
Juhu, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 49

S-341, Near Collector Office, Gandhi Nagar, Bandra (E), Mumbai – 400 051

How to Choose the right Spine Specialist: Quick Tips

Choosing the right spine specialist, according to your condition, should be done after a lot of thought and self-research. Spine surgeries are conducted by either orthopaedic surgeon or neurosurgeon with a fellowship training in spine surgeries. Hence while choosing the best spine surgeon in Mumbai for you keep in mind to identify one who devotes 100% or atleast 50% of his practice to spine related conditions. An ideal spine specialist would be one who has extensive medical expertise and qualification in the field of spine and have worked years to gain plenty of experience in treating spinal conditions.

  • Schedule a Consultation: Finding the right spine surgeon in Mumbai can be a tough job. It is best to consult two to three and then make a final decision based your experience with them in the consultation session. During the consultation go with a prepared set of questions that you have in mind. Asking questions to your spine doctor in Mumbai should be the first and foremost thing to do on your list.  Go with an open mind ask all the essential questions and assess whether the spine surgeon provides you with satisfactory reply and gives you enough time. If the clinic has a working website, with information on everything you want to know about their spine clinic in Mumbai, then you know you can gather more information from the website and evaluate.
  • Consult us for a second opinion: If you have any doubts in mind after the consultation you had at another doctor or have been asked to undergo a surgical procedure to recover from your condition, then asking a reputed and trustworthy spine specialist in Mumbai for a second opinion might be wise. We commit ourselves to offer our patients with sincere and honest advice. Spine and Sports Clinic approaches spine treatment in Mumbai by explaining to you everything regarding your condition leaving no doubt in mind at all. Our first route of treatment involves rest, physiotherapy, posture correction, and pain medications. Dr Bhavin Shial, the spine surgeon in Mumbai and his team of accomplished physiotherapists makes use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment at the clinic to provide you with quick and effective results.

How is Spine treatment Performed at Spine and Sports Clinic

Dr. Bhavin Shial considers it his mission to spread awareness of spine-related issues amongst the general populace. Misinformation is a curse, and our spine specialists in Mumbai believe in being sincere.

For the best and the most efficient spine treatment in Mumbai, we first talk to our patients, understand the pain history and diagnose the condition by conducting only the essential physical exams and tests to determine their condition. This helps our surgeon to arrive at the right conclusion and decide a treatment plan accordingly. Our spine doctor in Mumbai, Dr Bhavin Shial’s first route of treatment is non-surgical options like Rest, Posture Correction, Physiotherapy, Medicine and Epidural Injections. At Spine and Sport Clinic, spine clinic in Mumbai, surgery is advised only if non-surgical treatments fail or there are symptoms of paralysis due to pressure on spinal cord or spinal nerve roots.

Best Clinic for spine surgery in Mumbai

Spine and Sports Clinic make it a priority to be transparent with our patients. Founded by Dr. Bhavin Shial, the best spine specialist in Mumbai, the surgeon along with his team of highly proficient and internationally certified physiotherapist Dr. Vijaybhaskar and Rehab Consultant Dr. Gaurish Kenkre, promises its patients the best course of spine treatment in Mumbai. Spine and Sports Clinic is one of its kind Spine Consultation and Physiotherapy Centre where the best spine doctor in Mumbai and a team of Physiotherapists collaborates together to provide ethical and best treatment for patients to treat spinal conditions as well as all spinal injuries. The motto for Spine and Sports Clinic in Mumbai is to provide honest advice to patients which is in their best interest and not to push them for unnecessary surgical procedures.


Do I need surgery for my spine disorder?

Not every spine disorder needs a surgical treatment. Infact, 90% of the spine disorder can be resolved with non-surgical treatment. Hence, if you are facing any kind of back pain, neck pain, radiating pain between arms and legs, tingling or numbness of hands or legs or difficulty in walking then do not delay in visiting our spine specialist in Mumbai, Dr Bhavin Shial at Spine and Sports Clinic in Mumbai. An early detection of the problem can really be helpful in opting for non-surgical treatments. At Spine and Sport Clinic, surgery is advised only if non-surgical treatments fail or there are symptoms of paralysis due to pressure on spinal cord or spinal nerve roots.

How much pain to expect after the surgery?

Any spinal surgery is performed under anesthesia, so while operating you will not feel any pain. Also, appropriate and latest techniques like minimally invasive spine surgery is used to cause smaller incision and minimal pain. Post the surgery, once the effect of anesthesia wears off, the medications and post-operative treatments will help to subside the pain and speedup the recovery

Can I recover soon from my current symptoms?

Once your symptoms are diagnosed and an appropriate surgical treatment only if needed will be identified for you. Following the treatment will relieve you from your current symptoms or spinal problems. Usually spine surgeries are very safe with high success rate going above 95%. Still the success of the surgery totally depends upon factors like patient’s initial health and age, post-operative care and follow-ups.

Can I start walking right after a spine operation?

After the spine operation till the effect of anesthesia stays for few hours, you would be advised to stay in bed. In most surgeries, the patient is mobilized on the same day and made to do a small walk. Infact, it is advisable to mobilize soon and regain normal activity. However, certain precautions would be advised depending on case to case basis. Also, a post-operative plan will be advised to you which needs to be followed for maximum results.

Will surgery limit my mobility?

The pain caused by spine problem if unaddressed and not treated can further aggravate the condition and affect mobility. Infact, spinal treatment at Spine and Sports clinic in Mumbai will help you to regain your mobility. You might have to stay off from bending and lifting weights for some time. In case of surgery you will require to be cautious and avoid certain activity and weights for a few weeks or months depending upon the method of surgical treatment. But post the recovery period, you will be able to resume daily activities.

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