What are the Non- Surgical treatments for Back neck or Neck Pain or Spine problem

While it is true that 80% of adults will face a back pain or neck pain or spine problem at some point of time in their life; it is also true that almost 90% of these problems can be rectified with non-surgical treatments and do not need surgery. At Spine and Sports Clinic in Mumbai, we do not believe in suggesting unnecessary surgical procedures. Our spine specialist, Dr Bhavin Shial’s first route of treatment is non-surgical options. He examines your condition and suggest the right non-surgical treatment for you like Rest, Posture Correction, Physiotherapy, Medicine and Epidural Injections.

Non- Surgical treatments for Back neck

Only if the Non-surgical treatments don’t result into relief in a defined period of time then he would suggest the other surgical options.

How are these Non- Surgical Treatments done

Non-surgical Treatments are suggested depending upon the patient’s history. The doctor would ask the patient about the severity of pain, affected area of pain, duration of pain, whether the pain causes numbness or tingling in arms and legs, whether there is difficulty in walking. If need be an X-Ray, MRI or CT Scan is prescribed to be done. Based on these examinations the spine specialist suggests any one or a combination of non-surgical treatments like:

Rest: Rest as a treatment is suggested to reduce the swelling in the area of the pain. Most of the time simple Rest proves out to be a very effective solution. The spine specialist will ask you to lay down in bed for 24 to 48 hours, mostly sleeping in fetal position with a cushion between your legs. For following few weeks, you may be recommended to avoid strenuous physical activity.

Heat/ Ice Therapy: Application of hot pack and ice pack alternatively can reduce the swelling. In case of injury Ice pack is suggested for first 24 to 48 hours and after that it can be switched to heat therapy. Keep the pack on for 20 mins and then take it off.  You can repeat after a gap of 15-20 mins.

Medicine: In most cases, the back pain can be relieved by taking some medications suggested by the spine specialist. Medicines suggested for spine pain relief are Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) which are available over the counter. If the pain is severe and OTC medicines do not provide relief then the spine specialist may also suggest muscle relaxants medicines.

Posture Correction:  A wrong posture could be the cause of your back pain and hence a correct posture goes a long way in maintaining a healthy spine. If you are a Working Professional, be mindful of workplace ergonomics; hence see to it that while working on the laptop or computer you do not hunch and maintain correct posture. If you are a Homemaker, be careful while lifting weights and bending. Lift the weight from legs and not the from the back. Evenly distribute weight on both the legs and keep the back straight. If you are Senior Citizen, keep a check on not just back pain and neck pain but also leg pain and arm pain. Meet the spine specialist to understand your spine problem and to list out to you the posture correction needed in your case.

Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy involves a combination of stretches, exercise and therapy which would strengthen your back and reduce pain. The physiotherapist may use treatment like heat and ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and muscle tension release exercises to reduce the pain. These therapies are then followed with exercises which would strengthen your core muscles, increase flexibility and improve your posture.

Braces: In some cases, back or neck braces are used to provide comfort and reduce the pain by stabilizing the affected area. Braces restrict the movement of the affected area and thereby avoiding them to stretch in a wrong direction. At times, Braces are accompanied with physiotherapy.

Epidural Steroid Injections: In some cases, physiotherapy, rest and medicines do not provide relief. At such times, the spine specialist may suggest epidural steroid injections which are administered in the outer part of spinal cord. They provide temporary relief to the pain lasting for weeks to months.

When should I consider opting for Non- Surgical Treatments in Mumbai

Not every back pain or neck pain needs a surgical treatment. In-fact 90% of the back pain or neck pain can be resolved with non-surgical treatment. Hence, if you are facing any kind of back pain, neck pain, radiating pain between arms and legs, tingling or numbness of hands or legs or difficulty in walking then do not delay in visiting our spine specialist, Dr Bhavin Shial at Spine and Sports Clinic in Mumbai. An early detection of the problem can really be helpful in opting for non-surgical treatments. At Spine and Sport Clinic, surgery is advised only if non-surgical treatments fail or there are symptoms of paralysis due to pressure on spinal cord or spinal nerve roots.

FAQs for Non- Surgical Treatments

What is the cost of the Non- Surgical Treatments for back pain or neck pain or spine problem

The cost of a Non- Surgical treatment for back pain or neck pain or spine problem depends upon the type of treatment suggested. A treatment like rest comes at no cost. A physiotherapy session can cost between 800 to 1500 per session and depending on the condition one can be cured in one to ten sessions. At Spine and Sports Clinic in Mumbai, we have a team of internationally certified physiotherapists who are qualified to attend to all spinal related problems. A non-surgical treatment like the Epidural Steroid injection is administered at hospital and the patient is discharged immediately. The cost of this injections depends upon the condition of the patient, type of injection used, and the hospital. Generally, the cost varies from 5000 to 12000.

In how many days would I be able to feel better by Non-Surgical treatment

Depending upon the severity of condition and the treatment recommended it can take one to six weeks for one to feel better from Non-surgical treatments. However, if the problem still continues with no or limited relief then the spine specialist would examine further to see if an alternative treatment or surgical treatment is needed

Whom should I approach to get Non-Surgical treatment for spine problem

It is advisable to reach out to a Spine surgeon or an Orthopaedic surgeon to identify if a Non-surgical treatment is suitable for your condition and which treatment would be suitable for you. Dr Bhavin Shial is a certified Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon practicing in Mumbai for last 11 years. He holds a degree in Master of Surgery in Orthopaedic and has done his Spine Fellowship from P.D. Hinduja Hospital. He has also earned esteemed international fellowship in Microsurgery and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery training in Germany. In his experience spanning over 11 plus years, he has performed more than 3000 + spine surgeries and provides best spine treatment in Mumbai. At Spine and Sports Clinic in Mumbai, Dr Bhavin Shial provides Spine consultation and his team of physiotherapists performs non-surgical physiotherapy treatments for all types of Spine and Orthopaedic injuries. Spine and Sports Clinic is one of its kind where an expert Spine Surgeon and a team of Physiotherapists collaborates together to provide the best treatment for patients.