Home makers are the true heroes of each home, they are the first ones to leave the bed and the last to call it a day. Back & Neck Pain is common amongst home makers. Here are some of the tips for them to stay free from back pain and stay the heroes that they are.



Start your day with stretches and lighter activities so that you give your body time to get into motion. Stretches help the women to maintain flexibility of body which is useful in her day to day chores. It also helps to prevent hunching of back which happens from rounding of spine, as by stretching one strengthen muscles which help to maintain lifted and tall posture.


On a day to day basis, home makers undergo a lot of weight lifting activity, be in lifting food filled containers, laundry or moving furniture while cleaning. While lifting heavy objects keep in mind CBT

  • Close to the body- Keep your body close to the object while you are lifting it. Arms need to be close to body and Elbows close to trunk. Not only will it prevent injury but you would find it easier to lift objects
  • Bend your knees – While lifting things from lower down, bend your knees and engage your legs and stomach muscles to lift the weight
  • No Turning- Do not turn or twist from the upper body while you are carrying weight.

Balance between Rest and Exercise

Many a times homemakers believe that they do not need to exercise as their daily chores ensure that they are doing a lot of physical activity. But remember that daily chores are not ensuring strengthening of your muscles and bones. Hence it is important that you perform exercises that maintains your flexibility and strengthens muscles and bones. Start with lesser intensity and increase as you feel you can. Include exercise in your Routine. You may not be able to stick to a time hence do not be rigid on the time and keep it flexible but definitely ensure that you do exercise atleast 3-4 times a week.

Minerals deficiency

As women ages and enters menopause, she becomes more prone to a condition where her bones becomes brittle. This condition is called Osteoporosis. Deficiency of minerals like Vitamin D is one of the cause of Osteoporosis. Vitamin D has a big role to play in letting the body absorb Calcium and improve bone strength. So ensure that you get good sunlight or have good amount of Vitamin D in your diet. You can alternatively also use multivitamin supplements.