Sciatica treatment in Mumbai

Sciatica is a nerve pain that radiates on the route of the sciatic nerve. It originates from your lower back and travels the path of the sciatic nerve which is lower back to buttocks to leg. It is developed by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve usually caused by slip disc or herniated disc, bone spurs or spinal stenosis. In most cases sciatica affects only one side of the body.

Sciatic nerve being the longest nerve in the body gets affected in a wide spectrum and sciatica pain can radiate from lower back to all the way to the feet. Although sciatica pain can be severe, in most cases the patients can recover in 4 to 6 weeks with non-surgical options for sciatica pain treatment like Rest, Posture Correction, Physiotherapy, Medicines, Epidural Injections. In some cases, when the sciatica pain does not respond to non-surgical options in a defined period then a surgical solution is advised.

Nerve compression by Herniated Disc resulting into Sciatica pain

The sciatica treatment center at Spine and Sports Clinic in Mumbai aids patients in sciatica pain treatment with their multiple non-surgical treatment methods.  Dr. Bhavin Shial, the most reputed spine specialist in Mumbai, believes in providing patients with an in-depth analysis of their condition and advising them with treatment which is best suitable for their condition. To get sciatica treatment in Mumbai you can absolutely rely to visit Spine and Sports Clinic, where our expert spine specialist, Dr Bhavin Shial and his team of internationally certified physiotherapists would use advanced techniques and latest equipments to give quick and best results.

What are the causes of sciatica?

The sciatic nerve originates at the lower back, running through the buttocks and hips, splitting down each leg. The nerve helps us in feeling and controlling the movement of our legs. When this nerve is disturbed or irritated, it can cause bouts of sciatica pain. 

A pinched or compressed sciatic nerve is the primary cause of sciatica. The pinching or compressing of the nerves in case of sciatica pain happens due slipped disc or herniated disc or bone spurs. In rare cases, a tumor or diabetes can also cause sciatica pain.

Signs and symptoms of sciatica?

The most evident symptom of sciatica is an intense, overwhelming pain moving down the leg, radiating from the lumbar or the lower spine towards the hips and the buttocks. Person suffering from sciatica pain may experience discomfort anywhere in the pathway of the sciatic nerve, but typically the pain follows a route from the lumbar spine to the back of the thighs and the calf.

The pain can range from a mild ache to sharp shooting burn and may even give a burning sensation. It might also have a numbing effect and give a tingling sensation or cause weakness or heaviness in the leg.  When coughing or sneezing, the pain can worsen, and sitting for extended periods can exert pressure on the sciatic nerve, thereby aggravating the existing symptoms. Usually, in sciatica, only one side of the body is affected.

How to diagnose sciatica pain treatment?

The symptoms of sciatica pain depend upon what is disturbing the sciatic nerve, and they differ from person to person. For diagnosing the condition and for deciding the course of sciatica pain treatment, the sciatica pain treatment doctor would first record the patient’s entire medical history. For the medical history the patient would be questioned about the severity of pain, affected area of pain, duration of pain, whether the pain causes numbness or tingling in arms and legs, whether there is difficulty in walking and whether the patient was in an accident or got injured in the recent past.

After noting the medical history, the sciatica pain treatment doctor does some rounds of physical examination, to test the patient’s reflexes and muscle strength through some basic stretching or movement activities like walking, bending, turning and lifting one leg. At our sciatica treatment center, Dr Bhavin Shial our sciatica specialist in Mumbai advises patients to undergo nerve tests only if needed to help further understand the cause and gain insight into the working of the nerve impulses and to determine whether there are any nerve abnormalities. Some of the diagnose that are prescribed for sciatica pain treatment are MRIs, CT scans, spinal x-rays and nerve test like Electromyography (EMG). He advises you on non-surgical treatment and prescribes tests only if needed to help understand further on the cause of the sciatica pain

Prevention tips for sciatica pain treatment?

The main cause for sciatica is bone spur and slipped disc. So, the prevention comes with taking care of your back, neck and spine and maintaining their health. The following tips can aid in the prevention of sciatica:

  • Workout regularly and correctly: At Spine and Sports Clinic, we encourage patients to have some exercise included in your daily regime, as it can help maintain the alignment of your spine. Also, physical activity ensures the strengthening of your back and core muscles, which can improve your posture. One more point to keep in mind is to exercise correctly, focus on your posture while your workouts. It is okay to take lighter or no weights, but your posture has to be correct.
  • Proper posture: It is necessary to maintain a proper posture throughout the day whether you are sitting, standing or sleeping. Slouching, poor posture weakens the core muscles and increases the pressure on the back pain and thereby heighten the chances of disturbing the sciatic nerve.
  • Practice healthy body mechanics: Keep your back straight while bending and engage your core muscles and legs to lift objects. While lifting objects do not twist at the same time. Take help if needed to lift heavy weights. Good body mechanics affect the skeletal and nervous system of the body in a significant way.

How to differentiate sciatica from other symptoms of spine-related pain?

Sciatica is characterized by pain moving down the legs, which is caused by a pinched or compressed sciatic nerve. The pain radiates from lower back to buttocks and all the way down. Also, it generally affects only one side of the body. This pain starts as a dull ache and gradually becomes more intense and gets excruciating with time, making slightest of the movements difficult. 

With renowned sciatica specialist in Mumbai, we strive to treat our patients with personal attention and professional care. Spine and Sports Clinic offers its patients with best-in-class treatment options and state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate diagnosis, detection, and speedy treatment of sciatica. We prioritize transparency over anything else and believe in providing absolute clarity to our patients about their condition and the treatment offered.

For the best sciatica treatment in Mumbai, it’s important to reach out to a highly experienced team of spine specialist and physiotherapist. At Spine and Sports Clinic, the best spine doctor in Mumbai, Dr. Bhavin Shial, along with his team of physiotherapists and rehab consultants collaborates to help patients with speedy recovery from sciatica. The motto of the Spine and Sports Clinic is to provide honest advice which in the best interest of the patients and not to push them for unnecessary surgical procedures.

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FAQs for Sciatica treatment

My sciatica looks like it has disappeared. Does this mean I am cured?

For some patients, sciatica might persist for weeks before the pain fades away altogether only to make a reappearance sooner or later. It is essential to consult a spine expert and follow the advice with full dedication. Our sciatica specialist in Mumbai at the Spine and Sports Clinic sees to it that you get immediate cure and provides a complete preventive care guideline to be followed for future reoccurrence of sciatica.

What kind of Doctor do you see for Sciatica pain?

Sciatica pain is kind of a nerve pain caused due to issues in the spinal area, hence it is advisable to meet a spine specialist for expert consultation on sciatica treatment in Mumbai. At Spine and Sports Clinic, we offer non-surgical treatments and physiotherapy sessions as a part of sciatica pain treatment for back or leg pain caused by sciatica.

How should I sleep with my sciatica?

You can sleep either on your right side or your left side, whichever you find comfortable, with a pillow tucked between your legs. 

Can high-heels cause sciatica?

Yes. The design of high-heels is such that it can disrupt the natural curvature of the person’s spine. While walking in high-heels, your weight gets shifted forward, which puts stress on the sciatic nerve, provoking sciatica symptoms.

Can weight loss reduce my sciatica pain?

Excess weight especially at the abdominal area causes pressure on lower back and triggers sciatica pain. While excess weight is a common cause for sciatica pain, but it is not the only cause. Sciatica caused by excess weight can be eliminated with weight loss as it can take the pressure off from lower back leading to reduction in the inflammation of the sciatic nerve region and help alleviate sciatica pain.