Slip Disc treatment in Mumbai

The spine is made of 33 individual bones placed one above the other like a stack separated by disc in between. Disc are cushion like structure placed between each of the vertebrae which acts like a shock absorber and prevents the bones to rub against each other during movement. They are filled with gel like substance. Spinal injury or excess wear and tear of disc can make this gel like substance to start slipping out with or without pinching the spinal cord and nerve. This condition is called slip disc or slipped disc or herniated disc or prolapsed disc. This slipped out gel like substance creates pressure on spinal cord and causes pain, discomfort or numbness in the spinal nerve area. A slip disc can occur in any part of the spine, but the mid and lower back is the most prone area. 

Slipped disc treatment mumbai

In most cases slipped disc or herniated disc can be cured with slip disc treatment without surgery by adopting non-surgical treatments like Rest, Posture Correction, Physiotherapy, Medicine and Epidural Injections. For most patients, a herniated disc shows an improvement after six weeks even without surgical treatment. Only in severe cases where the patient is showing symptoms of paralysis or physical disability; a surgery is recommended.

What are the causes of slip disc or herniated disc

Slip disc or herniated disc is mostly associated with disc degeneration as an outcome from age related wear and tear of disc. With age the gel like substance in the disc depletes, making you less flexible and more vulnerable to disc damage by slightest strain. Besides old age slipped disc can also occur in younger individuals when incorrect posture is adopted to lift weights. In rare cases, an accident or a fall can cause slip disc or herniated disc.

Signs and symptoms of slip disc or herniated disc

Usually a slipped disc can affect any part of your spinal column right from your neck to the lower back, although it is more prevalent in the lower back.

Some of the symptoms of a slipped disc or herniated disc includes:

  • Pain or numbness of neck, shoulder, arm or hand
  • Pain radiating from lower back to buttocks to legs affecting sciatic nerve
  • Pain that worsens with slight movements or while standing or sitting
  • Difficulty in even walking short distances
  • Difficulty in bladder or bowel control
  • Unidentified cause of muscle weakness 
  • Burning, aching, or tingling sensations in the affected part

The intensity of the pain or its degree can differ from person to person. You must get in touch with our slip disc treatment doctor at Spine and Sports Clinic, in case the pain lasts for more than two days or does not subsides on resting or causes physical disability.

How to diagnose slip disc pain?

To diagnose slipped disc, the slip disc treatment doctor in Spine and Sports Clinic will record the patient’s entire medical history. For the medical history the patient would be questioned about the severity of pain, affected area of pain, duration of pain, whether the pain causes numbness or tingling in arms and legs, whether there is difficulty in walking and whether the patient was in an accident or got injured in the recent past.

After noting the medical history, as part of the regime of slip disc treatment in Mumbai, Dr Bhavin Shial  would test the patient’s reflexes and muscle strength through some basic stretching or movement activities like walking, bending, turning the neck, lifting one leg, raising arms. Further test like MRIs, CT scans, spinal x-rays and nerve test like Electromyography (EMG) is recommended only if elementary physical examination does not suffice to identify the root cause of discomfort.

What are the prevention tips for slip disc or herniated disc

You can take the following steps to reduce the chances of developing a slip disc or herniated disc:

  • Indulge in physical activities: Exercise is essential to keep all types of health problems at bay. To keep away from slipped disc, develop a strong back, focus on core strengthening, back strengthening and stretching.
  • Body Weight: It is myth that only obese or fat people get herniated disc or spine problems. People with more weight distributed on their stomach areas are more prone to spine problems. Hence it is essential not just to have normal weight but also proper distribution of weight.
  • Practice healthy body mechanics: Keep your back straight while bending and engage your core muscles and legs to lift objects. While lifting objects do not twist at the same time. Take help if needed to lift heavy weights. Good body mechanics affect the skeletal and nervous system of the body in a significant way.

How to differentiate slip disc or herniated disc from other symptoms of spine-related pain?

It is difficult to differentiate slipped disc pain from other spine related pain by just physical examination. Slipped disc or herniated disc pain can occur in any part of the spine from the neck to lower back. While the symptoms vary from patient to patient, some of the most common symptoms of slipped disc pain are radiating pain from lower back to leg or neck to hands, pain that aggravates while sitting, burning or tingling sensation in neck and back or numbness in arms and legs.  The magnitude or intensity of pain varies from one person to another. For instance, a person with a slipped disc may experience agonizing pain when another person with the same medical condition may show no outward symptoms at all. By consulting our expert slip disc specialist in Mumbai, you can get a complete clarity about your slip disc condition.  

Founded by Dr. Bhavin Shial, the best spine doctor in Mumbai, Spine and Sports Clinic is the place where patients are offered with completely reliable and true advice. Our slip disc specialist in Mumbai, Dr Bhavin Shial along with his team of physiotherapists and rehab consultants collaborates to help patients with the best course of slip disc treatment without surgery in Mumbai. The motto of Spine and Sports Clinic and our slip disc treatment doctor is to provide honest advice which in the best interest of the patients and not to push them for unnecessary surgical procedures.  

Step into our clinic to experience world-class facilities and get a speedy cure for your slipped disc pain or herniated disc pain!

FAQs for Slip disc or Herniated disc

Is it possible to have more than one herniated disc?

In some rare cases, multiple or more than one herniated disc is possible. Till a decade back fewer cases with multiple herniated were reported but now many cases of multiple herniation have been identified and successfully treated.

Can I drive with my slipped disc?

Slipped disc gets aggravated with sitting for a longer period like one does in Mumbai traffic jams. When the car is in motion, the body is subjected to forces while accelerating and decelerating, and upward and downward sudden movements on speed breakers and pot holes. Such movements can worsen the slipped disc or herniated disc and hence as a part of slip disc treatment in Mumbai, at Spine and Sports Clinic our spine expert examines the extent of damage of your slipped disc and then advises whether you can drive short distance or should completely avoid driving.

How should I sleep with my herniated disc?

Bed rest is one of the most common and effective suggestions made by spine specialists for slip disc treatment without surgery in Mumbai. As you sleep ensure to keep the pressure off your back. Try sleeping on your right side or left side, by curling in a fetal (like a baby in the womb) position. Switch sides from time to time to avoid over exerting one side.

Why does my herniated disc or slipped disc feel worse in the morning?

Mornings can be painful for patients suffering from herniated disc or slipped disc. One of the probable reasons is that a long period of inactivity leaves you stiff and hence the pain. But one also needs to investigate other reasons like a poor mattress or faulty sleeping position. A poor mattress fails to support your spine and aggravate the pain while you think you are resting your spine. Sleeping on your stomach does not take the pressure off your back but on the contrary adds more pressure as it a tends to extend your lower back.  Hence it is advisable to sleep on right or left side

How long does it take for the slip disc pain to heal in the case of a slip disc treatment without surgery?

Slip disc treatment without surgery has shown an 80% to 90% success rate of healing when identified early. Hence consult our slip disc specialist in Mumbai for an early detection of your spine condition and a treatment plan which ensures safe and quick recovery.