Pregnancy is a life changing event in a women’s life where she undergoes a lot of physical as well as emotional transformation. As your body prepares you to bear the weight of a new life; back pain becomes a daily condition. Almost 50% -70 % of the expecting mothers complain of backpain in this period which can make this joyous period into a painful one.

As you gain weight and  mostly in the stomach area, your center of gravity shifts forward and to avoid falling forward, your body tends to stretch back causing that extra strain on the back muscle which leads to back pain. Also during pregnancy your body releases hormones which softens the ligaments in the joints of your pelvic region to prepare you for the birth process. The same hormone also loosen the ligaments that support the spine and cause pain.


To help your spine cope up with the transformation and pain, follow the below tips:


As your body transforms during pregnancy and the your center of gravity alters, it affects the way you walk. This change results into more pressure on back, feet and ankles and hence it is important to wear the right footwear during maternity. Do not wear heels at all during your pregnancy, leave them in the first trimester itself. Having said that you do not have to wear complete flats, wear low heeled shoes that gives a good support to the arch in your feet. Loafers, Sneakers, wide based flats are ideal footwear for maternity period


Stand tall and straight with you chest held high. This will give more space to your baby too. Shoulders need to be back and relaxed. Knees too need to be relaxed. Take a wide stance so that you balance the weight well. Do not stand for too long. While sitting, see that your chair is proper and not imbalanced and gives a good support to the back. Sleeping posture is also important to avoid the back pain. Sleep sideways and not on way back. This will reduce the stress on the spine and let it relax. Use pregnancy pillows to give supports at knees, back and stomach. For lifting objects, firstly avoid lifting heavy objects and for lighter objects see that you squat and lift with legs.

Physical Activity

If you have a normal pregnancy then it is advisable that you perform regular activities which are light in nature and which will strengthen your spine and keep back pain away. Walking, Swimming & Stationary Cycling are safe exercises for pregnant women and you must try to do 30 mins of any of these activities for atleast 4 to 5 times a week. Alternatively you can also ask your doctor to recommend some back strengthening exercise or consider prenatal Yoga.

Hot and Cold therapy

During pregnancy while Back pains are common, most of the time your gynecologist would not recommend to consume pain-killers to address this pain. In such cases, try alternating between heating pads and cooling packs at a interval of 2 to 3 days on the pain areas. This method is an age-old remedy which will help to ease out the discomfort. Consult your doctor or a physiotherapist before going for these therapies.