“Travelled all the way from Zanzibar – East Africa to Mumbai seeking for treatment. And I was advised to meet Dr. Bhavin Shial. He has such a calm attitude, took his time to listen to me. Very informative and answered all my questions very professionally. A doctor who knows what he is doing, by just listening and performing simple physical examinations in his office he is able to tell you something. I highly recommend Dr. Bhavin Shial to anyone who has a spine problem.”

Amanda Demello

“Dr. Bhavin…very professional in his work, polite n helpful nature. Very important to write that he is life saver. Very sweet personality n friendly with patients. My personal opinion that any issues related to spine he can handle nicely. Always eager to help after hospital hrs. n give good advise. Hats off to his professionalism. God bless him n wish him all the success”

Prasad Dhawle

Very good and experienced Spine specialist. Will gv you a clear understanding of your Spine. Very helpful and informative . Also will advise you about the exercises to be done with proper guidance from Physiotherapist. Skillful Surgeon too. Friendly staff and Physiotherapist . Location of clinic is good .

Anu Aurora

Dr. Bhavin is too good. The team is very supportive. The rehab center is amazing with the latest technology. Overall a very satisfying experience. Thanks a lot Dr. Bhavin 🙂

Jenil Zota

Doctor Shial is the only doctor I have met, who devotes adequate time in understanding the patient’s painpoints and medical history. Also remarkable about his approach was that he never insisted on any medicine until I asked for it as SOS. His prescription for my disc-related problem contained a list of exercises I should start and a list of don’ts. He got me confident about my movements while I was anxious about the problem. I highly recommend him.

Amisha M

My father (65 years) was having back problem due to which he could not walk and was facing lot of pain and weakness in the leg and was diagnosed with slipped disc. He was suggested spine surgery . We consulted Dr Bhavin Shial for 2nd opinion and he suggested that we can try with Rest & Physiotherapy for sometime before going ahead with Surgery. My father was able to walk painfree within a week with his guidance and could manage to avoid surgery. His advise was really helpful.Dr Bhavin Shial gives an honest opinion and understands the suffering of his patients.I strongly recommend him for any Spine related problems.

Payal Ashar

Dr. Bhavin a wonderful person and an excellent doctor for spine , his treatment for my slip disc has always helped me with a speedy recovery.

Kalpita Bhirud

I visited clinic. Doctor Shial is well experienced, Very intelligent in his field The clinic is conveniently located I myself was operated by this doctor for spine 1 1/2 years back Now i m perfectly alright I strongly recommend this doctor

Anita Karyekar

I had reached out to Dr Bhavin for my mom’s slip disc problem. My colleague had referred him to me. He is very professional doctor and he explained me and mom very well about my her condition. He patiently resolved all her doubts and suggested medication and Physiotherapy which has helped her alot in getting back to normal. Will highly recommend him.

Jay Kirti Modi

Dr. Bhavin is not only our very dear and near friend, but also a very frank and committed doctor. His diagnosis are to the point and he never dilly-dally’s his treatment just because the patient feels good. His diagnosis has never gone wrong with me or my family and friends. I wish him all the luck in his new venture and am sure that he will help lot many out of their problems. Good luck????????

Sonali Pednekar

This is a very new field and people don’t know actual reason behind pains we feel in daily life.I came here for my Mother in law who was suffering from severe pain in leg and we got to know the reason being spine at one go. Doctor explained in detail about the reason and possible solves from medicine to operation.very helpful.

Shalini Kumar

Dr. Bhavin Shial is one of best doctors I know.Spine & Sports Clinic has one of the best equipments and latest technology. They have a super team.

Vaibhav Desai

Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar is very approchable and very helpful person. He advise as well gives treatment in very nice way.

Ajit dhuri

He is a very nice doctor. Listens patiently and perfect diagnosis.

Rita Bagasrawala

I visited Dr. Bhavin Shail for my back pain finding out about stage 1 lysis. He has been very helpful through the two years and my condition is improving without the need of a surgery.
A very good team of doctors from orthopaedic spine surgeon to physiotherapist and dietitian. Very much approachable and helpful doctors. Would definitely recommend Spine and Sports Clinic for all spine related issues. All the best to the team.

Khyati Dossa

Dr.Bhavin is a great doctor…guides you properly with a speedy recovery

Mittal senjalia