Back pain treatment in Mumbai

Back pain is one of the most common ailments faced by people today. It can range from pain being mild or severe to disabling movement and activity. It usually originates in the upper back, lower back, spine region and at times radiates to arms, hands and legs. In some cases, it is intermittent and gets better in few days and in some severe cases it could go on for weeks, months and years unless a treatment is done. A person experiencing mild back pain is advised to undergo back pain treatment without surgery. Spine and Sports Clinic is a renowned name when it comes to back pain treatment in Mumbai. Infact 90% of the back pain can be resolved with non-surgical treatment. Based on the patient’s pain history, the severity of pain, affected area of pain, duration of pain our back pain treatment doctor suggests the treatment, which may include Rest, Posture Correction, Physiotherapy, Medicine and Epidural Injections. Our spine specialist doctor at Spine and Sports Clinic strive towards efficient back pain treatment with numerous non-surgical options. At Spine and Sports Clinic in Mumbai, surgery is advised only if non-surgical treatments fail or there are symptoms of paralysis due to pressure on spinal cord or spinal nerve roots


What are the causes of back pain?

At Spine and Sports Clinic, we analyze and identify the root cause of back pain and then suggest an appropriate treatment procedure.

Some of the common causes for back pain are:

  • Strain on Muscles: Activities like lifting heavy objects in incorrect posture, sudden movement can cause a strain in the back muscle. 
  • Spine structural defects: Back pain can be because of birth defects, abnormal bend in spine, damaged discs, degenerative disc diseases, osteoporosis and more.
  • Incorrect Posture: Some daily activities like over-stretching, twisting, standing or sitting for long hours, improper posture at work, straining neck, wrong exercise movement and driving long hours in uncomfortable seat can cause back pain.
  • Other Causes: Overweight, Vitamin deficiencies, Spinal injuries due to accident, Spinal fracture, Spinal Tumor, Spinal infection are some more causes of back pain.

If the back pain is developed due to these causes, back pain treatment without surgery may be possible by our back pain specialist in Mumbai. 

What are the signs and symptoms of back pain?

Our team of doctors are well experienced and they analyze each symptom carefully. By examining the patient; the doctor concludes if the patient is experiencing mild muscle ache and needs just rest or is the back pain severe and need further non-surgical or surgical treatment.

Some of the prominent signs and symptoms of back pain include:

  • Pain in the upper back or lower back region which is shooting or stabbing in nature.
  • Pain radiating from back to buttocks and legs.
  • Unbearable or mild pain while stretching, bending, walking, or exercising.
  • Difficulty in bladder or bowel control
  • Numbness in legs, buttocks or hips area

How to diagnose back pain?

At Spine and Sports Clinic, our spine specialist Dr Bhavin Shial checks your pain history and does physical examination by checking the pain area and your basic movements. He advises you on non-surgical treatment and prescribes tests only if needed to help understand further on the cause of the back pain. Some of the diagnostic procedures that our back pain treatment doctor advice to undergo:

  • X-ray: To get a clear picture of the bone structure of the spine condition and to identify if there is any bone related problem like fracture or deformity.
  • MRI or CT Scan: Deeper diagnose if needed is done with CT scan or MRI scan to get a detailed image of disc, bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves to see if there is a problem with any of them.
  • Blood tests: This helps in determining if the patient is suffering from infection which may be the cause of pain or having any kind of vitamin deficiency.
  • Nerve studies: Tests like EMG (Electromyography) are used to determine nerve compression, which may be causing pain.

What are the prevention tips for back pain?

It is always better to be safe than to undergo multiple treatments and procedures to resolve back pain. Doctors at our Spine and Sports clinic advise the patients to follow preventive care tips depending on your life stage and lifestyle; whether you are a Working Professional, Homemaker, Child, Senior Citizen or a Sportsmen. 

Here are a few preventive tips for backache:

  • Indulge in physical activities: Exercise is essential to keep all types of health problems at bay. To maintain a strong back, focus on core strengthening, back strengthening and stretching workouts. To begin with indulge in some mild exercises like walking, jogging, or cycling and develop a routine. 
  • Proper posture: It is necessary to maintain a proper posture throughout the day whether you are sitting or standing. Slouching, poor posture weakens the core muscles and can cause back pain and potential spine deformity issues in future.
  • Eat right: A balanced and nutritious diet is a must irrespective of your weight and age. Avoid packaged food, restaurant food, sweetened food and fats that stay solid at room temperature. Eat more of vegetables, dals, fruits and wholegrains. Add Vitamin & Calcium supplements if suggested by your doctor.
  • Body Weight: It is myth that only obese or fat people get back pain or spine problems. People with more weight distributed on their stomach areas are more prone to spine problems. Hence it is essential not just to have normal weight but also proper distribution of weight.
  • Reduce stress: If you tend to get over stressed then back pain cannot be far from you. Include a stress buster activity in your daily routine to rejuvenate you.
  • Quit smoking: Smoking is injurious to health and smokers have a significantly higher chance of developing back pain. 
  • Sleep properly: Use a mattress that keep your spine straight. It is advisable to sleep sideways rather than sleeping flat and putting weight on your back. 

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How to differentiate a casual back pain from other symptoms of spine-related pain?

Back pain is a sign that your body gives to you when it wants to draw your attention and convey that your back muscles or bones are over worked or are in discomfort. Usually a mild casual back pain will last for few hours and subside once you rest for a while. Also, it will not resurface every now and then.  If your back pain is persistent and lasting for more than 2 days, then it is advisable to meet a spine specialist to rule out the possibility of other spine related problem rather than resorting to home remedies like applying ointments. Not more than 10% of the cases citing back pain needs spine surgery. Back pain when addressed in time can avoid a further need of spine surgery. Pain due to spinal complications may require surgical treatment if delayed or ignored. But back muscle pain can be treated by back pain treatment without surgery. Consult Dr Bhavin Shial our back pain specialist in Mumbai to get an effective solution for your pain. 

Get the best back pain treatment in Mumbai.

If you are suffering from back pain and are looking for a satisfactory cure, your search ends here. We at Spine and Sports clinic are committed to provide personal attention and professional care resulting into an effective and quick cure for our patients. 

Dr. Bhavin Shial, one of the best spine surgeon and back pain specialist in Mumbai, holds more than 11 years of experience in the field of spine-related pain treatment. Dr. Bhavin Shial, along with his team of physiotherapists, and rehab consultants analyzes the patient’s condition and strives to provide the best back pain treatment without surgery in Mumbai. Our spine care team excels in providing Non- surgical treatments like medicine, physiotherapy, posture correction & spinal injections as treatment options. At Spine and Sports Clinic, we believe that surgery as an option should be the last resort for treating back pain caused by spinal disorders.

Step into our clinic to experience world-class facilities and get a definite cure for your back pain problem!

FAQs for back pain treatment

What are the factors which increase the backache?

Factors like old age, obesity or excess weight, smoking, pregnancy, genetic disorder, lack of fitness, incorrect posture while standing and sitting, work related activities are some of the major factors which increase back pain.

What to do in case of backache?

If your back starts aching, rest and take mild pain killers if need be. If the back pain become further severe even on rest or if the pain persists for more than 2 days than visit Spine and Sports Clinic in Mumbai for an overall evaluation of your back and spine condition and discuss the possible non-surgical treatment options. 

Can back pain be cured without surgery?

Not more than 10% of the cases citing back pain or spine related pain needs spine surgery. So, do not delay in consulting our spine specialist, Dr Bhavin Shial. There are numerous options available for  back pain treatments without surgery. Surgery is the final step and done only when the condition is crucial. Without surgery, back pain can be easily treated by taking proper medications, doing exercises, and undergoing therapy sessions. 

When does back pain indicate something serious?

Generally back pain lasts for day or two and does not cause any disability. However, if the pain increases and start radiating to lower body, buttocks, legs and continues for days then it is a signal from your body that you need medical help. Consult our back pain specialist in Mumbai immediately in case of such back pain. 

Why is it necessary to choose the best clinic for back pain treatment?

Not all types of back pain require surgery. 90% of the back pain can be treated using rest, medicine and physiotherapy. Spine and Sports clinic offers the best back pain treatment in Mumbai, with non-surgical treatment options and consultation by Dr. Bhavin Shial. At Spine and Sports Clinic in Mumbai, Dr Bhavin Shial provides Spine consultation and his team of physiotherapists performs non-surgical physiotherapy treatments for all types of Spine and Orthopedic injuries. Spine and Sports Clinic is one of its kind where an expert Spine Surgeon and a team of Physiotherapists collaborates to provide the best treatment for patients.