Back Pain, Neck pain and Spine injury are common ailments amongst people of today. These conditions doesn’t discriminate between  age, gender, lifestyle or socio economic condition. Some of the tips to help you have a healthy spine are :



Yes you have heard it from everyone that exercise is the solution for fitness for entire body be it heart, brain or spine. Push yourself to achieve your fitness goals but listen to your body too, give it the rest it needs. Swimming is one of the best exercises recommended for people with back pain. Also, include some core strengthening exercises as it helps in supporting the spine.

Body weight

It is myth that only obese or fat people get back pain or spine problems. People with more weight distributed on their stomach areas are more prone to spine problems. Hence it is essential not just to have normal weight but also proper distribution of weight. Also people with weak back muscles are prone to spine problems, so irrespective of weight one can be exposed to spine problem

Standing Posture

On an average a human stands for 3 to 4 hours a day, and if the posture is incorrect it can have huge impact on your spine. While standing one needs to ensure that the pelvic position is neutral. Stand upright, head needs to face forward, back straight and the weight needs to be evenly distributed between both the legs. Head needs to be in line of the spine and legs should be straight

Sitting Posture

An average human spends 12- 13 hours sitting. Your seat should have a good back support and arm rest. Your foot should be flat on the ground, try and keep your knees and hips and the same level. While working on laptop/desktop your elbows need to be at a right angle position, screen needs to be at eye level and neck straight while looking at the screen. Also don’t keep sitting for more than half an hour to one hour at one go, instead take a break and stroll for few minutes and resume.


Use a mattress that keep your spine straight. Your mattress need not be too soft or too hard. It needs to support your spine, shoulder and hips. Use a pillow that rests you head but doesn’t put it in a steep angle.

Lifting things

When lifting objects see that you lift using your legs rather than the back. Keep your back as straight as possible. Tighten your core so that your pelvic muscles support your spine while lifting.