While playing any kind of Sports, be it Cricket, Tennis, Football, Basket ball or even a slow paced Sport like Golf; the spine undergoes a lot of pressure due to constant running, bending, lifting, turning, twisting and sudden swift motions. Such strenuous activities can cause injury to the sportsperson’s spine. Most of the Spine injuries can be treated without much alteration in the athletes’ life, still it is observed that athletes shy away from taking medical help from the fear of having to be non-participative in competition or losing a prominent position in the team. But one needs to realize that in this condition avoiding medical help will lead to further complications.


Some of the tips that each Sports Person should follow to avoid back and neck problems are:

Balanced Lifestyle

For better performance at Sports, one needs to maintain a balanced lifestyle. You would need your certain hours to be dedicated for practice but also realize that your body needs rest to overcome from the wear and tear. Ensure that you have proper 8 hours sleep and keep a fixed time to hit the bed. This would give your Spine the time to relax, recuperate and free time from bearing the load.


It is important that you start your training with warmup stretches. It not only activates blood circulation but also enhances your performance and prevents you from injuries. While your Sport might be involving mostly hand or leg movements but ensure to do back stretches too as for all movements the spine does gets engaged. Stretching improves the flexibility of spine muscles and ligaments, provided it is done correctly. Always stretch only to the extend of getting a mild tension in your muscles. Stretch gently and hold you position for 30 seconds. And finally stretch not just during warmup, but also at the end of the your training so as to relax your sore muscles.

Avoid Overuse of same muscle

Most Sports have a set of high impact repeated movements which tend to overuse some muscles and bones. And Spine is one part of the body which is used in all Sports, only the intensity of usage vary from Sport to Sport. To avoid spinal injuries due to overuse take rest between games and long tournaments. Focus on the right technique and the form for your movement in the sport. The intensity and strength can come later as you practice but do not compromise on your form. Try doing “Cross – training” with different activities that engages different muscle groups and doesn’t overuse just one group. Do not shy away from approaching help or consulting a doctor if you are facing pain.